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As a male porn site owner there isn't much that I haven't already done but there are many times off set that I feel somewhat lonely or I feel like I don't want to deal with some of the drama that comes from actually having sex so I just want something that gets straight to the point and boom, it's over! No cuddling!
Thanks to Hot G Vibe, I've found a way to do that. They have many sex toys but I'm not into dildos so I started with a simple male masturbation toy called Tenga Deep Throat Cup Male Masturbation. It is a really nice toy and I like it a lot. It definitely fulfills the deep throat feel that I like so much but I felt as something was missing.
So I looked up Hot G Vibe again and found something I was very interested in.
It's called The Doc Johnson Pocket Pussy. The Doc Johnson Pocket Pussy comes in five different forms and all of them are molded after porn stars, my favorite! They are made with Ultra Real 3.0 Skin and they feel so real. It was exactly what I was looking for. So far I've only bought the one, but I am thinking about buying some more, maybe I'll even buy all five. One for every night of the week! Thanks Hot G Vibe. You're impressive for sure!

5 Leather Sex Toys That Will Put Him on His Knees

There's nothing like the feeling of leather on bare flesh. If you want to drive your partner absolutely wild, here are just five sex toys that will leave him begging for more contact. 1. Cock Ring
A leather cock ring is torture in the most exquisite way. Put it on him and watch him go mad with lust, his body unable to do what it most desperately wants when it's a slave to the confines of the ring. If he's a very, very good boy, you can promise to take it off once he shows you how much he's learned.

2. Flogger
It would be a lie to say that leather floggers are just like regular floggers. They're designed the same way, yes, but the leather makes them transcend all pleasure/pain barriers and become something entirely new. Just a few hits and he'll be out of his mind with desire!

3. Gloves
Leather gloves seem like an almost vanilla accessory until you realize just how much you can do with them. On you, they can be wonderful instruments of texture and fun; on him, they can restrict his ability to grasp things or fight back while you have your wicked way with his body. Va va voom!

4. Ball Weights
While most ball weights are made of steel, there are leather varieties that are rarer but even more fun. They typically come with straps and buckles so you can arrange them just right, and they're sure to make him think twice about disobeying your orders.

5. Nipple Clamps
Nipple clamps are another way to blur the line between pain and pleasure. While the clamps themselves need to be non-leather in order to have a strong grip, they can come with hanging tassels or even wraparound straps that rub against his skin with every movement. These are just a few leather toys that should be in everyone's collection. There are many more, of course, but these can serve as an introductory lesson before you bring out the big guns.

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